Sit Spot

“Find your sit spot and see what comes.” This activity gives students the time and autonomy to connect with nature on their own terms. As simple as it sounds, Sit Spot is one of the most memorable and potentially life-changing journaling experiences.  This is an opportunity for students to focus not just on observing their surroundings but also noticing what it is like for them to be there. Students find their own place in an outdoor area, then pay attention in whatever way inspires them, record their experience in their journal, and share about it afterward. Self-directed experiences like Sit Spot can help form a bridge between assigned work and students’ own journaling, supporting them in adopting a nature journaling or exploration practice outside of assigned school projects. This is also an opportunity for students to think about their own story and identity, and how to craft a narrative of who they are and what is meaningful to them.
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