Curiosity, Wonder, Attention

Activities and tools to engage children in outdoor learning, curated by John Muir Laws and Emilie Lygren. 

Nature Journaling...

…builds creativity, curiosity, and observation and critical thinking skills
…nurtures a connection to nature and the outdoors
…invites children and adults alike slow down, pay attention, and experience awe and wonder.

31 Field Activities to...

…set students up for success in journaling in any outdoor context.
…build students’ foundational journaling practices.
…scaffold skills of writing, drawing, mathematics, scientific thinking, and visual communication.
…connect to key concepts in art, science, math, and language arts, and environmental literacy.
…spark collaboration and connection within your class, educational group, or family
…engage and manage student groups in the outdoors.
…offer meaningful, supportive feedback on student work.
…choose activities appropriate for your goals and setting.
…integrate journaling into lessons and units.
…connect to educational standards and frameworks, including the Common Core, the NGSS, Charlotte-Mason Inspired Education, Waldorf Education, and more.

Workshops and Consulting to help you...

…grow your teaching practices.
…design a journaling program to meet the needs of your students.
…use journaling to meet standards and enhance curriculum.
…stay inspired to keep a regular journaling practice with your students or family.
…connect with a vibrant community of nature journalers and educators.
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