The best way to learn anything is to teach it. Infographics combine writing, drawing, and other visuals to explain an idea or synthesize information. Students can start an infographic in the field, then research the topic and add to their journal entry and their understanding. An infographic is a chart, poster, drawing, or diagram that uses words, pictures, icons, and data to explain an idea or offer information. Making a clear infographic takes as much thought as putting together a good lesson plan. The process guides students through studying a topic and coming up with words and images to explain and describe the phenomenon, leading them to synthesize information. Creating an infographic requires two steps. In the field, students observe and describe the phenomenon, leaving space to add more material later. Back in the classroom, they research the topic and add more information and background to their journal page. This is an opportunity to build visual literacy and to focus on layout skills, such as integrating drawings with other forms of note taking, and thinking about page structure and how to communicate information.